It's been just past a year since my husband sudden death brought us to Bowman's. Right after the hospital pronounced my husband death, in the very late hours that evening, I arranged funeral arrangements over the phone. The family working at the parlor truly helped with an understanding of grieving family lacking experience with burying their deceased for the very first time. I trust in their honesty and integrity, their compassionate approach and patiently made everything clear, did not mind me laboring over questions, were swift to provide workable solutions. I found the entire family truly dedicated to doing this work in the merciful context it entails. They also made it easier to deal with government agencies as far as submitting information for us to the right departments as much as they were allowed, with advice and suggestions as to which important agencies our family should contact and what to do for the imminent future to facilitate better care and provisions especially for me, the spouse requiring the most aid. They were quick and helpful to get the doctor's submission for cause of death on the death certificate (required by subsequent agencies to which I had to send), after the doctors omitted the entry in the original report. I will certainly be meeting with the Bowmans again regarding my own passing arrangements for when it occurs. Thank you and God bless you and your family for your work.  Siew H Allen

Siew H Allen

Gary Bowman is one of the outstanding funeral directors that I have been privileged to work with. He is totally dedicated to assist families in their time of need. The words 'Integrity, and economical' describe Gary's services. When my own time of passing comes, I have Pre-arranged my service through Bowman’s  David McKellip, Pastor, Mountain View Church of the Brethren, Boise

 David McKellip

In my thirty-three years as a United Methodist pastor, I have found him (Gary Bowman) to be one of the finest professionals to work with I have ever known.  Reverend David Steward, First United Methodist Church, Payette, Idaho

Reverend David Steward

Gary (and crew): Thank you so much- you helped make Bob's services something special! You really made things simple and easy. We appreciate you! Mike & family

The Hanigan Family