10254 W. Carlton Bay | Garden City, ID 83714

Siew H Allen

A few days prior to my husband’s sudden passing a year and a half ago, we kept note of this service through word of mouth from a friend while comparing price packages. In the late evening hours after my husband’s passing, Mr Bowman’s daughter helped tremendously over the phone with my questions, with an understanding of inexperienced loved ones burying their family. That brief conversation settled all doubts making the final decision as to choosing the right service. I trust in their honesty, their integrity, their compassionate, patient approach making everything clear, not minding us laboring over questions, and are swift to provide workable solutions. I find the entire family and staff truly dedicated to doing this work in the merciful context their service entails. Dealing with government agencies at a time like this would have been more than a nightmare, but at Bowman’s they helped sort out which important agencies our family should contact, helped with submitting anything they can handle, pointing family needing aid in the right directions for the imminent future, especially for me, the widow. They were quick with helping to get the doctor’s endorsement for cause of death on the death certificate after the doctors omitted the entry in the original report. This month I met again with the Bowman family and staff completing my own passing arrangements for when it occurs. I am saying a simple ‘Thank you’. God bless you and your family.