10254 W. Carlton Bay | Garden City, ID 83714

Bonnie Dwyer

Mr Bowman, I lost my Mom on the 30th of May. My brother and I met with Mr Chamberlain (Todd) the next day to discuss arrangements. I dreaded the meeting as I still had a sour taste when remembering having the same meeting at another funeral home for my father just 3 short years ago. I dreaded the judgmental glance aside when we asked for simplicity. I dreaded the high pressure sale and
forced march through the more “appropriate” urns despite our request for the most simple. I dreaded the false and fake overly demonstrative attempts at showing sympathy.

Mr Chamberlain respected our every concern and request. There was NO high pressure sale tactics. There was no judgement. He listened, he was helpful and he was genuinely able to express sympathy in a believable and honest way. He was perfect in tone and manner. He took care of us and showed respect to Mom, me and the whole family. I really want to thank him and I really hope you appreciate what a rare thing Todd is in your business.

Mr Bowman, I want to thank you as well for setting the tone and expectation of respect in your business. It is a far cry from my last experience and I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have your service help me with the end of my Mom’s journey.

Best Regards, Bonnie Dwyer, daughter of Wanda Dwyer