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Digital Services

In an effort to improve access, we are pleased to offer a variety of digital services and availability for those who are unable to attend visitations, services, or arrangement conferences.

Digital Services

We believe in the importance of the funeral rite to help family members, friends and loved ones process their grief. We also recognize some are unable to participate in person due to travel, health concerns, or work schedule. In an effort to include everyone as much as possible, we offer live-streaming for our services and online condolences for obituary pages.

Live Stream & Service Recording

For services set in our facility and in most onsite locations, we are able to offer a live-stream so that family and friends may view and hear the service as it is happening. Live-stream videos are also available to be viewed after the conclusion of the service. Due to time required to edit and process video footage and upload time, these videos may not be available for viewing until the following day.

We are planning to offer live-streaming at no extra cost through the end of the year, but please be advised that we have limited equipment available that has to be reserved for the day and time of your service.

Here is the link to our Live Stream page: http://www.bowmanfuneral.com/livestream/

Online Condolences

Online condolences continue to be a great way to reach out to the family of a deceased. We encourage people to utilize online condolences through the decedent’s obituary page. We find that during loss, any expression of sympathy, no matter how small it may seem, can mean so much to those affected.