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Zachary W. Snow May 24, 1995 - October 30, 2021

Zachary W. Snow

Zachary W. Snow passed away Oct 30, 2021. After Doctors did everything to save him. His life was taken from his family. His mother and stepfather stayed by his side giving him love and care.

Zachary loved his music it was a wide selection and he found a song for everything he felt. He was always doing his drawings. He was hoping to become a tattoo artist and his art spoke volumes. Through the years he sent his mom and several other people his drawings. It was amazing to see such expression and creativity.

He was always the first to try and help anyone he could and give his last dime if needed. He was a young man full of love and caring. Zac loved the beach and the mountains. He fell in love with Freak Alley in Boise Idaho. He always loved to look his best and had to have his cross necklace.

He went by son brother Zac Zach and his mom called him z man. After years of battling his own demons and struggles he still gave and loved unconditionally.

He left behind his mother stepfather, two brothers and two sisters also several aunts and uncles and other family. His family is having a celebration of life May 28, 2022 in his home town.

His mother remembers singing his song to him over the phone and beside his bed for his entire life. She sang it for him before he passed. Close your eyes little one. She and his step father plan to honor his life and seek justice for his life being taken.

The little boy full of life, love and always adventurous turned into a amazing loving young man. His memory lives on in his family and friends.

Arrangements are under the direction of Bowman Funeral Parlor of Garden City.

His family is having a celebration of life May 28, 2022 in his home town.


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    Melissa walton Z-man mom says

    My son my first born my life. I miss you son more then anyone knows. You were a spark and a light in so many peoples life. Your memory will live on through your family and are hearts and love.

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      Karen Ritchie says

      My heart goes out to you for your loss. I met with Chief Lee after your son’s death to express my concerns about the number of young people who have been killed when police were called to an emergency situation. A mental health expert always needs to be present in crisis situations as opposed to 6-7 cops arriving, guns drawn and someone getting shot multiple times. I have tried to be an advocate in this area if you would like to reach out to me. Your concerns are legitimate and they must be addressed.

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    Kiera Bridgeman says

    Zach was a really close friend to me and we helped each other through tough times, he was always so kind and caring for everyone before himself. We would talk on the phone for hours and he made me laugh endlessly. He was a talented artist and he expressed himself through his art. We have lost an incredible person and I miss him everyday, my love is with you Melissa.

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    Sapphire says

    Zach was a wonderful person who was always there for others at such a young age. He was a great listener, full of creativity and very optimistic. He had so many goals and plans to reach those goals. He will always be remembered in mine and my son’s heart. My heart is torn to pieces trying to process this Melissa as I have battled with constant fear of losing my son, and your son was one of the few people who brightened the darkest days when we barely surviving. I can not imagine how you feel, there’s no other words that come to mind other than thank you for bringing a wonderful son into this world and allowing us the opportunity to have met him and enjoyed moments that will forever be cherished

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