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Wyotta May Windle February 5, 1933 - November 4, 2021

Wyotta May Windle, beloved mother of seven boys, passed away peacefully on November 4th, 2021.  Her loss is a significant loss to this world, and she will be sorely missed.  The impact she had on so many lives will last forever. Anyone that came in contact with her would describe her as the nicest, sweetest person they ever met.

Born February 5th, 1933, in Sioux City, Iowa, to William and Bertha Windle, Wyotta was the youngest of thirteen children.  She grew up always loving nature and animals.  She would often use her imagination while out in the family’s cornfield to pretend she was in a historical battle using a stick as her weapon.  When her mother would tell her to get rid of rogue animals invading their home like rats or mice, she would befriend them and take care of them in her secret fort.

As a young adult, she became interested in motorcycles and rode a Harley for many years.  She married Robert Thomas Loepp, and they had seven boys and no girls.  She then fulfilled her most important role and one she was best at, which was being a mother.  She gave every minute of her time and every ounce of her energy to be the best mother she could possibly be.  She became a single parent very early on, but that only strengthened her reserve.  She would organize games, sports, and outings for the boys to do together. One of her favorites was spreading a blanket out in the backyard at night, sitting with the boys and often neighbor’s kids, and talking about the stars, constellations, and the universe.

She loved animals, gardening, walking, nature, knitting, puzzles, politics, ancient civilizations, documentaries, astrology, Buddhism, philosophy, poetry, music, and eating junk food on occasion. She loved her coffee several times a day with Little Debbie snacks, cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream.

Wyotta was preceded in death by her parents William and Bertha Windle, her older siblings Rosebelle, James, Anna, Mary, Nellie, Cora, William, Ruth, Charles, John, Barbara, and Donald. Also, her ex-husband Robert Thomas Loepp.

She is survived by her sons Alex, Greg, Robby, Charles, Adrian, Christian (Molcka), and Jason (Gee), fourteen grandchildren, and her beloved cat Big Foot.

No service will be held per her request.  A celebration of life gathering will be held at a later date to be announced.

Any donations or memorials can be sent to molckasoft@loepps.com

We love you, mom, with all our hearts. Thank you for being the best mom ever! You will never be forgotten!


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    Christian (Molcka) Loepp says

    I miss you oh so much. Every minute of the day, something comes up that makes me think about you. It could be going to a dollar store, seeing something in the store I bought for you, or seeing Little Debbies. And each time that happens, I just feel like breaking down and crying. Sometimes I do. But I remember that you told me to only think of the positive and funny things about something and not the negativity, because energy lasts forever. And you don’t want to be about negative energy. I just cannot believe you are gone. Each day, I wake up and just think it was a mistake. It’s been hard because I am so sad but I know I have to take care of these things and be strong, but sometimes I just feel like curling up in a ball. You are the super human, not me. You are the one that fixes everything, not me. I will think of you and honor you everyday of my life. You will never be forgotten. And remember what I told you, you can never really be gone. Because your boys are half your DNA. You will essentially live on forever. I miss you so much mom. I wish you were still here. Just typing this chokes me up. I love you mom so much!!! I hope I can be half the person you are.

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      Olimpia Ramona Alexandrescu says

      I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Such a lovely lady. I’m honored and blessed to have known your mother . She will never be forgotten. My most heartfelt condolences.

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    Laura Hansen says

    Journey well Wyotta,you always had great respect for the native culture,you taught me about Buddhism, astral flight, among other mystical things.You will be missed,Mother of many!

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    Sandy wolfe says

    My beautiful friend Wyotta , I will always miss you , I will carry you in my heart forever . I remember all the times we would sit in the corner of the parking lot . We would count the cars coming onto our street , we would talk about the colors of the cars. We would watch for the planes when the evenings were dark if it was coming towards us it was a UFO , if it came from behind us it was a OFU . The night we sat and howled as the full moon rose in the sky . How you would love to go ” snooping ” to the goodwill , or dollar tree . I loved to see you smile or laugh . FLY HIGH MY WONDERFUL FRIEND , I was privileged having you as my friend & in my life . Love you

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    Olimpia Ramona Alexandrescu says

    I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Such a lovely lady. I’m honored and blessed to have known your mother . She will never be forgotten. My most heartfelt condolences.

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