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Patrick M. McLaughlin December 23, 1974 - May 8, 2020

Patrick M. McLaughlin, age 45, a resident of Boise, passed away May 8, 2020, at his home. Patrick Michael McLaughlin was born December 23, 1974 in Newport Beach, California . He passed away on May 8, 2020 in Boise, Idaho at the age of 45 due to complications from diabetes.
He lived in Orange County until the age of 14 when he moved to Austin Texas with his Mom and Step-Father. He remained in Austin until 2014 when he relocated to California and then to Boise Idaho for the remainder of his life with his Father. Patrick loved family and people.
He never met a stranger and always was the happiest when at events wherein he could visit and catch up with all those he loved. One of his greatest strengths was always keeping in touch with the many persons who came into his life. He never forgot anyone and always made sure to check on them and make sure they were happy and well. His kind spirit was a true gift from God.
He was a Ham Radio enthusiast and always liked knowing what was going on in his community and would rise up to help any time he could. He never missed the opportunity to be of service on the radio to anyone who might need help or assistance.

He is survived by his Father -Michael McLaughlin and Mother-Kris Rose and many family members that grew to know him and love him through the years. He will be truly missed.
He is now in heaven at his family reunion which with no doubt is a great time for them all that went before him.
He will be cremated and interned in Huntington Beach, California with other members of the McLaughlin Family.

Arrangements are under the direction of Bowman Funeral Parlor.

Public services will be announced at a later date.


  1. REPLY
    AK7WS says

    Patrick will be missed by many.

  2. REPLY
    WA7ZIT says

    So very sorry to hear of Patrick’s passing … He was very active, and well-respected within the local Amateur Radio community. He will be missed.

  3. REPLY
    KB7CFL says

    I didn’t know Patrick all that well but talked to him on the radio several times. He was a character and always interested in helping others whenever given the chance. He will definitely be missed in the radio community. I offer my condolences to his dad and family during this difficult time.

  4. REPLY
    DAVID R MAIER says

    Never had the pleasure of meeting Patrick eye to eye. He had the ability to make good friends quickly.
    His sense of humor will be greatly missed by myself and everyone he has befriended .
    This is the part of Armature Radio I do Not like .
    You are missed already my Friend.

  5. REPLY
    Bryan Burns, WA5VAH says

    I always enjoyed speaking with Patrick on amateur radio. He was always cheerful and very helpful to everyone. He will be greatly missed by those of us who had the pleasure of speaking with him. He will definitely be missed around the area. I will be praying for his family’s comfort during this time.

  6. REPLY
    Mike Warren says

    So sorry to here this going to miss talk to him on the oth net prayers to the family and friends Mike N7OCC

  7. REPLY
    Bart Hill says

    Patrick is missed. He was always on the radio and ready to talk and was a fixture on several of the repeaters. He was always willing to help others and his passing leaves a hole in the Ham Radio community. God speed Patrick.

  8. REPLY
    W7WDB says

    God speed good Sir. You were always there when I or anyone needed help. This community lost a good friend.

  9. REPLY
    Nick K7NQB says

    Mike your way of life will be very different because of your loss. I cannot say anything more about your Son that has not already been said. Patrick will be missed on the nets around the state and likely around the world. To you Mike, Fair winds and following seas in this time of turmoil.

  10. REPLY
    N9SKI says

    Mike and family you have my deepest sympathies. As said before, the ham community has suffered a loss that will be felt by all who knew or communicated with Patrick.

  11. REPLY
    KI7CZR says

    Mike, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. What a blessing Patrick was to all of us. We will all miss him sorely. Patrick always left me with a smile on my face. It was always a pleasure to chat with him. I think he even made the repeaters smile, and I know they will miss him as well.

  12. REPLY
    Doug W7DVR says

    You have always been a friend and I believe I was a friend of yours. Enjoy your better place with no physical limitations.

  13. REPLY
    LaVar H Rivers says

    Patrick was so full of information about The Ham community. He will be missed. by many. so happy to have known him. LaVar N7FHD

  14. REPLY
    Simon Ruddle says

    Patrick was always entertaining and ready to comment on activities within the ham radio community. If we wanted to know the latest, Patrick would know. I really appreciated how Patrick was always willing to help when trying to trouble shoot problems while we were servicing the repeater sites. Patrick could always make we chuckle – I will greatly miss all his inputs. My sincere condolences to you Mike and your family. Simon KC8WF

  15. REPLY
    Kevin Lenz (KJ7BJS) says

    I am extremely sorry for the loss of your son. I hope my prayers will provide you and your family with some sort of comfort as you go through this extremely difficult loss. Patrick was a great friend and I will miss him.

    Kevin Lenz ( KJ7BJS)

  16. REPLY
    Lee KF7URE says

    My condolences to Michael and Patrick’s entire family, My sincere sympathies over the loss of Patrick. Patrick was always filled with endless enthusiasm. Eager to greet everyone and fellow hams as a new friend. I have always enjoyed our shared talks at radio club meetings, hamfests, getting radio QSOs for my Summits on the Air, and adventures to coffee shops and to Bogus Basin. 73 my friend, you are in God’s hands now.

  17. REPLY
    Glenn Abernathy says

    I knew Patrick from the day he was born – I am his only Uncle on his Mom’s side. We were extremely close as he grew up and until his passing. Because I was not a Ham-radio enthusiast, he didn’t talk to me as often as he did others, but he did keep in touch through other technology – the telephone. Patrick was a light in a world that can often seem dark, especially during these troubled times. His sense of humor and his laughter is what I will miss most about him, as well as his extremely caring heart. When he was here in California, he and I often checked-in and had a meal together, or just called to say “hello”. I never forgot his birthday, and he knew it! He would call me around my birthday every year but for some reason, could never quite get the date right … that was pure Patrick. He loved music, live-theater, movies, and especially television — he loved TV. His laughter and his sense of humor were incomparable, and he always had a joke to tell you. As so many have said before me, he was a joy to know. Few people come into our lives and make an indelible imprint on our heart – Patrick’s imprint in mine will be there for the remainder of my life. He will be truly missed, but I also know he’s in a far-better place, getting to share his corny jokes and puns with those who loved him before. I pray that he will continually rest in peace. He was not only my nephew – he was my friend.

  18. REPLY
    Glenn Abernathy says

    Patrick was my only nephew, and I just found out of his passing. Patrick and I spoke regularly via the old-fashioned telephone (now mobile), him sharing funny comic strips and the like with me as well. From a young age, Patrick was always inquisitive and a joy to be around. It was rare to ever find him without a smile on his face, and he was always glad to see you. As he grew older, he continued to be inquisitive, and learned so much about the cellular and HAM-Radio worlds, which he shared with anyone who would take an interest. He also loved his Family and his friends greatly. Patrick and I were not far apart in ages, so I acted as a mentor to him in some parts of his life, sharing with him some of the great music, films, theater, and our shared joy of just watching TV – he was especially fond of watching old “Three Stooges” re-runs. When his health problems began, I was one of the first people he contacted for assistance. His struggles with his health were real, and he continued to smile through it all. He was a good nephew, but also – we were good friends as he grew older. He and I laughed frequently about our collective past, and our shared sense of humor. The news of his passing greatly saddens me, and I will miss him tremendously. He is now with those who have loved him in the past, whom he cared greatly for, and I am sure he is with God. He is now telling his old-man jokes to everyone who will listen, and they are laughing I’m sure – there is no sadness in Heaven. I am so grateful to read all the kind words for Patrick, as well as Mike (his Father) – it is good to know that what I always knew of Patrick was shared with others as well. May he rest eternally in peace.

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