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Patricia Ellen Meissner November 20, 1946 - March 16, 2021

Patricia Ellen Meissner

Patricia Ellen Meissner, 74, a resident of Boise, passed away March 16, 2021 in Boise.

Arrangements are under the direction of Bowman Funeral Parlor of Garden City.


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    Mary Shuyler Pierce says

    Surviving family of Patricia Meissner,
    Patti was a dear sweet, quiet classmate of mine, graduated MHS in 1965. I would like you to know that she was loved and I send my love and prayers to you all. If you feel so inclined, please let me know any details you want to share so we can notify classmates. Thanks in advance
    Mary A Shuyler Pierce
    227 E Spinosa Dr
    Meridian, ID 83646

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    Valerie Bybee Pena says

    Since there is no obituary of Patti’s life I would like to add a bit of history. I am not sure where Patti was born but she lived a few of her younger school years at a boarding School in Fairbanks Alaska. I never understood where her parents were and I believe Floyd Moses was her step father but no one including Patti talked about it. When she moved back to Boise She went to Sacred Heart School. I had begun School at St. Joseph’s School. We both lived on the bench not far from each other. I of north or Franklin Road and east Orchard on Richardson st. Patti lived on Cassia. Sometimes I rode my bicyle to her house. She eithe walked or her mom drove her to mine. She took Ballet and she gave me photos from her ballet recital. They were beautiful and and it made me want to learn ballet. She also played the piano which I also wanted to do because of her. When I was in the 4th grade about 9 yrs old and she about 11yrs old my folks moved across town to the North end on 28th st next to Hill Road. We both had to be driven then. I don’t remember if she graduated 8th grade at Sacred Heart or when they moved went to Junior High in Meridian. Her Dad who was managing the Buffalo Cub owned by Blondie went in partnership with him to buy a stockyard ranch. near Star, on the road to Emmett across from a pig farm. They built a new ranch style home there for Patti’s family and she went to school in Meridian. I can only remmeber a few of her girl friends from Meridian. Their names come to me now and then. I think one was Karan Mikesell and another Judy Marshall but their were several more. Sorry for my memory. We both had a lot of friends from school and mixed them with each other at birthday parties, slumber parties and just get togethers. When I came home for Christmas my Sophmore year at Boarding School in CA Patti and 2 of her friends met me an we went out for fun! We laughed and laugh and found a Christmas tree for my Mom we drug home at 11 pm at her amazement. Our secret story I won’t print hear but privately will relate to friends or family. We had such fun together. Life was never dull when Patti and I got together. Including my 16th birthday in Reno Nevada a few months later. after the Christmas tree trip. Such havoc we created like little kids sometimes. Patti was married to Chuck sometimes not too long after that. I believe they went to NV to marry after Patti. Patti had already graduated the year of my 16th birthday and and had been living with my mother while attending Boise State Junior College at the time. We didn’t see so much of each other then but our paths would cross now and then. I went of to college after graduation 2 yrs later. We talked on the phone now and then. I visited her at her home a few times in my early married years in 1969. We both were busy with husband’s and raising children so only communicated by phone or Christmas cards for years after. Patti was so full of life and fun. We laugh together until we cried. We were sisters of choice.

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