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Nancy Adale Morgan March 12, 1936 - June 4, 2022

Nancy Adale Morgan (Taylor), 86, passed away at home with her family by her side on Saturday, June 4, 2022, in Boise.

Nancy was born in Conde, SD to Harold and Marie Taylor on March 12, 1936.  She was the youngest of 8 children.  She graduated from Conde High School in 1954 and attended Northwestern Teacher’s College in Aberdeen SD.  In 1955 she came to Boise, ID to stay with her sister and life-long friend, Dorothy “Trink” Selfridge.  She hadn’t been in town long when a friend set her up on a blind date with an airman from Mountain Home Air Force Base – Max Morgan.  She and Max fell in love and married just two months later; in March of 1956.  The couple lived in Boise for their entire 66 years of marriage.

Nancy and Max’s lives were busy with family and work.  Their daughters, Linda and Kelli were born in 1962 and 1967 respectively.  Nancy was active in her daughter’s elementary school; volunteering and helping lead efforts to maintain academic excellence and to keep kids safe.  Her efforts led to a fire escape being installed in the Cole School library.  For over 60 years the basement library’s only entrance/exit was next to the boiler room that heated the entire school.  Had there ever been an explosion, that exit would have been blocked, thus trapping students and staff.  Those efforts and many others, taught her daughters the value of taking ownership of issues and hard work.

In 1969 Nancy and Max started a business; Air Equipment Company, specializing in pneumatic tools and air compressors.  Nancy ran the office while Max took care of the sales and service of equipment.  She worked hard to balance the business’ needs with those of her girls.  Most afternoons she was there to pick Linda and Kelli up from school in the family stationwagon!  She and Max sold the business and retired in 1996.  While many couples travel after retirement, Nancy and Max were happy to stay in their long-time home on Folk Drive; visiting with good friends and neighbors and enjoying their beautiful back yard from their old porch swing.

Nancy was a great cook and for many years worked hard to serve up the kind of food her loving husband liked….. food that tasted like it did in the 1950s!  She was famous for putting on awesome meals while at the same time curling the girls’ hair and getting them off to school.  When shoes couldn’t be found at the last minute, Nancy was always quick to apologize for wearing them out dancing the night before and losing track of them!

Nancy enjoyed clothes and had her own personal style.   She would combine newer pieces with older ones from her wardrobe to create classic, sharp looks.  Her daughters were in awe of her ability to look at a sales rack or in their own closets to find just the right outfit.  And Max always appreciated his classy, sharp dressed wife.

Nancy’s family and friends knew her to have a quick wit and keen sense of humor.  She would get a twinkle in her eye and say, “You know what would be funny…”  That line was the beginning of many hilarious antics in the Morgan family and in the neighborhood!  Nancy enjoyed nothing better than joking with her son-in-law, Craig Watkins, about stereotypical son-in-law/mother-in-law relationships.  The two of them would banter back in forth about a rocket he was supposedly building to send his dear mother-in-law into space!  In reality they had a great relationship and she loved him as much as her daughters.

In 2017 Nancy’s spirit was tested when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  She persevered through the ups and downs with courage, her signature sense of humor and her faith. For a period of time she was cancer free – an unusual status given a Stage 4 diagnosis.  But eventually the cancer returned and it was time to try another treatment.  Nancy was always completely dedicated to her family and throughout the past five years her family had the opportunity and blessing to be completely dedicated to her.   She was a good patient, kept a positive attitude and took the bitter with the sweet.

Nancy possessed strong personal spirituality and a quiet reliance on God.  While she rarely spoke of faith outside the family, she mentored her husband and daughters to pray and understand that The Good Lord was in charge.

Nancy was preceded in death by her parents, Harold and Marie Taylor, her siblings Leslie Neil Taylor, Dorothy “Trink” Selfridge, Marion Estella Taylor, Dean Harold “Barney” Taylor, Jean Mary Taylor, Donald Keith Taylor and James Leigh Taylor.

Survivors include her husband, Max Morgan, her daughters Linda (Craig) Watkins and Kelli Morgan all of Boise, and several nephews and nieces located around the country.

A graveside service will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 13 at Dry Creek Cemetery.  The family would also like to invite everyone to a Celebration of Life from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday, June 13 at the Morgan Family Home.

The family would like to thank Dr. Stephanie Hodson, Dr. Meghan McInerney and Dr. Kara Kuntz for their outstanding medical expertise and the loyal care they provided Nancy.  In addition, the family appreciates the efforts of Horizon Home Health and Hospice for the specialized care they provided at a challenging time.

Those wishing to make memorial contributions may direct them to:  St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Idaho Humane Society, or the Conde South Dakota Cemetery Association, C/O Patty Knoll, 15527 SD Highway 37, Conde, SD  57434.

And one last thought . . .

The family has been reminded recently that Covid is on the upswing in Boise, and even in our circle of friends and neighbors.  The service and reception are outdoors and that should provide quite a bit of protection.  But the weather is supposed to be cool Monday a.m. so please dress warmly.

A graveside service will be held, 10:00 am, Monday, June 13, 2022 at Dry Creek Cemetery, 9600 Hill Rd., Boise, Idaho. The family would also like to invite everyone to a celebration of life from  11:00 am - 2:00 pm, Monday, June 13, 2022 at the Morgan Family Home.

And one last thought . . .

The family has been reminded recently that Covid is on the upswing in Boise, and even in our circle of friends and neighbors.  The service and reception are outdoors and that should provide quite a bit of protection.  But the weather is supposed to be cool Monday a.m. so please dress warmly.


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    Deana Ashton says

    Nancy Morgan impacted my life in the 1980’s when my brothers and I were immersed in the Boise Hot-air Ballooning community. Max and Nancy, Linda and Kelli quickly became extended family. Countless years we shared Thanksgiving meals together. We looked up with much respect to Nancy and Max because they truly were amazing parents, and as we shaped and molded our personalities, so many attributes were gained from their influence. Nancy had a distinct voice, a contagious laugh, elegance and grace in every move she made. She was always up for practical jokes, and had many ingenious ideas that spun into some fantastic memories we share with the Morgan family. My heart goes out to Max, Linda, Craig and Kelli. Nancy’s gentle imprint will be lasting forever. She was a beautiful woman, compassionate friend, and she will never be forgotten.

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