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Maxine Marie Musgrave June 27, 1940 - July 1, 2018

Maxine Marie Musgrave AKA Blonde Bomber

Born June 27, 1940 Springfield, Co.

Passed July 1. 2018 Boise, Id.

Maxine was born to Teresa and Floyd Byrd, the youngest of 3 daughters, on June 2ih, 1940. Weighing just 5 pounds she was kept in a shoe box near the oven to keep her warm. Although small she thrived much to her doctor’s surprise.

After a move to California, her family eventually settled in Nyssa, Oregon where she was primarily raised. Maxine learned a strong work ethic at a young age, as her father passed when she was a young child, leaving her mother with 3 school aged daughters to support. She told of working in the fields weeding and harvesting vegetables, and picking fruit. It was also during her grade school years that she met Beverly Kreymeyer, thus beginning a 70 plus year friendship, and in the later years they enjoyed catching up through their phone calls. When she was about 12 years old she gained Rex Anderson as her stepfather, and lovingly told of fond memories with him, learning to dance, and working in the restaurant business alongside her folks.

In June of 1959, she told a little white lie and skipped town to go see her boyfriend William (Bill) Blair. They were married on June 11, 1959. Due to his line of work they traveled, moving frequently.

Daughter Tammy soon joined the family in June of 1960, followed by Deborah (Debbie) in 1961. Unfortunately the marriage ended in 1964. Working in the restaurant business, she wanted more and enrolled at Link’s School of business earning a Bookkeeping degree. Daughter Colleen was born in 1967, and was lovingly raised by the Millet family in Grandview, Id.

While working at the original Grant’s Truck Stop she met Gordon Musgrave. In September of 1968, they were married and she welcomed his children Debra, Perry, and Scott into the family. And thus began the “truck driver wife” and “CB” chapter of her life. Sometime about 1973 the “Blonde Bomber” was born!! She LOVED this new hobby in her life, being able to talk to the truckers going down the highway, directing them to their destinations (before GPS) and meeting many for coffee. It was during this time she met some wonderful friends, Snicklefritz, Firebird., and Potty Mouth to name a few.

As a family along with her sister l\lona, she loved taking her kids to Lucky Peak to swim and picnic, going camping (in a tent) and hunting, eventually purchasing her own gun. There were many fun times fishing at Sagehen with her folks and sister and her family, camping in some rustic cabins at Boulder Creek (near Riggins) chasing porcupines from the outhouses in the early mornings, and hunting on Packer John’s Mountain. Family gatherings and games of pinochle with lots of laughs, music and dancing usually followed as well as one or two, too many cocktails. She loved to “jitterbug” and she and Gordon won a dance contest or two doing so.

In 1976 with the birth of her 1s t grandchild, she found that just when she thought her heart was full… there was plenty of room for more love to fill it. With the addition of each grandchild, the “grandma’s brag book” got fuller and fuller! She loved her grandkids more than life itself. .. doting on and spoiling each one! At some point in their lives, and for various reasons, Mike, Sherele, Ben, Travis, and Kristie all lived with their grandma. She lovingly gave them a home, and let them get away with things her own kids never would have dreamed of,, often making her daughters wonder if she was the same mom that raised them! She had such a big heart she accepted her grandkids friends as her grandchildren also, insisting that they call her “grandma” which they lovingly did and do!

In the late fall of 1981, she began what would be a 20 year relationship with William (Bill) Anderson. Never marrying, she referred to him as her soul mate, and loved his daughters Marta and Dawn. He in turn loved her kids and grandkids as his own. Spending years on the truck with him seeing the states up close and 1s t hand was the thrill of a lifetime for her. With each passing mile, and each new found beauty there were countless pictures taken and tales to be told when they returned home.

Becoming a Great Grandmother in 2000, filled her heart with even more pride! The brag book was REALLY full now. Her greatest disappointment in life was not being able to physically see her Great grandchildren grow… oh how she wanted to peer into their eyes, and see their faces…

With the untimely death of her soul mate in 2002, Maxine soon began a new journey. Due to an issue with her eyesight, in a short time she retired from the Idaho State Tax Commission. She was soon driving to Stanley, Id. Assisting Debbie at Mountain Village Lodge, where she fell in love with the Sawtooth Mountains. Making the drive, seeing the wildlife up close, learning to drive a snowmobile, grinning from ear to ear as she would pass her family watching horseback riding and just being in the fresh air filled her soul with happiness.

In 2013 being reunited with Colleen brought a peace to her that had been missing. She felt relief knowing she had been raised lovingly, and was now married to a loving man. Although miles separated them, it didn’t stop them from meeting and getting to know each other, as Colleen was able to visit her.

With a serious back injury and more failing eyesight, several years ago I moved in to care for mom. There were many billions of tears shed by both over the years. They weren’t always good days, but we made the best of them. I wasn’t always the best nurse, as she was at times a very stubborn patient. Not finishing dinner but having room for dessert became the normal for an argument .. .I finally gave up!! The trials and tribulations we faced together were exhausting, but like I’ve said a million times, I only did what God gave me to do, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Mom, I hope you know how much I love and miss you… Fly high mom….You’re MY HERO!! I Love You Mom, Tammy

Mom, not only did you love me and my siblings and raise us as your own, you were above all my friend. I Love You Mom, Scott

Predeceased by: her parents, Soul mate Bill Anderson, Sister JoAn Elam, Son Perry Musgrave, Granddaughter Taylor Musgrave, Niece Cindie J. Braden and Nephew Mark Maggard

Survived by: Sister Romona Rivera, Daughters Tammy Washburn, Debbie (Ken) Nedeau, Debra McGraw, Colleen (Terry) Philyaw. Son Scott (Loretta) Musgrave. Grandchildren Mike Lisby, Sherele Lisby, Kristie Enoch, Ben Lisby (Stacie), Travis Washburn,. Justin Musgrave (Anngela), Nate Musgrave (Danielle), Chrissy Hunt (Terry) Amanda Munger (Danny), Jaqulyn Carpenter, and Nichole Nedeau. Great Grandchildren Isiah, Annika, Brysen, Wyatt, Hailey, Carlie, Tanner, Jackson, Korden, Korianna, Ryider, Tiysen, Ryann, Dakota, Dallas, Devin, and Allyse and several nieces and nephews she loved with all her heart, as well as a host of loving friends.

A memorial gathering will be held Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. at the V.F.W., Capital City Post located at 8931 W. Ardene St., Boise.

A memorial gathering will be held Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. at the V.F.W., Capital City Post located at 8931 W. Ardene St., Boise.


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    Laurie Firkins Brede labrede says

    Laurie Firkins Brede labrede18@gmail.com
    July 13, 2018 9:50 AM

    Our family met Maxine and her wonderful family when we first moved to Boise in 1970, she was always so friendly and like a mother to me when Tammy and I became friends. Tammy bless you for appreciating how precious your time was taking care of your mom, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless! Sincerely, Laurie Firkins Brede

  2. REPLY
    Tammy Washburn says

    Tammy Washburn
    July 19, 2018 2:51 AM

    Thank you Laurie…it was very important to me to keep her in her home as long as I possibly could. For the last 20 months she was in a care facility, but I was still there nearly every evening after work to help her with dinner and get her ready for and into bed for the night.
    I know she appreciated it, but not nearly as much as I appreciated the chance to do it and to be there for her. Being blind was difficult for her to accept and I was not going to have her feel like I had just dumped her as I’ve seen so many families do. She’s now no longer confined to her earthly body that had so many restrictions on her quality of life…and my Faith provides me the peace that she’s now in the loving arms of our Lord.

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    Cindy Moun says

    Cindy Mount num1razzy@cableone.net
    July 12, 2018 10:48 AM

    I met Maxine while working at the Tax Commission, we enjoyed having her in our unit, and were sorry she had to retire due to health reasons. After her retirement I was able to visit her, and listen to her stories about the children. I wish that I had visited her more often, but am thankful that she was able to have her precious family close by. Rest in Peace Maxine.

  4. REPLY
    Tammy Washburn says

    Tammy Washburn tlnlirn@jotmail.com
    July 19, 2018 2:59 AM

    Thank you Cindy, she loved working at the Tax Commission and with all of you. She was so upset having to retire, but did enjoy a couple of years before she began having more severe issues. Mom always talked lovingly about the times with her coworkers and shared the pictures and tales with her family. I know there was a reunion to beat the best of them when she reunited not only with her family but her friends as well. We miss her terribly but rejoice knowing she’s no longer unhappy n uncomfortable in a body that no longer cooperated in the way she wanted. Take care and thank you

  5. REPLY
    Joan Brown says

    Joan Brown may-jonz@comcast.net
    July 11, 2018 7:27 AM

    My condolences to the family and friends for the loss of your loved one, Maxine, and may you find comfort in the future promises from God, regarding mankind and the earth, that’s found in His written word, the Bible at Acts 24:15, Revelation 21:4, 5.

  6. REPLY
    Tammy Washburn says

    Tammy Washburn tlnlirn@jotmail.com
    July 19, 2018 3:00 AM

    Thank you…we as a family know we will someday be reunited and look forward to that day.

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