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Mark Lee Smith May 19, 1958 - November 28, 2021

Mark Lee Smith passed away unexpectedly November 28, 2021 of a massive heart attack. He was surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren and extended family members as they had been working side by side at the family Christmas tree lot. Mark had taken vacation time from his regular job in exchange to work at the tree lot. Here he was able to spend many hours with family, connect with old friends, and talk with past customers. This was something that he looked forward to and brought him joy.

Mark was born May 19,1958 in Boise, Idaho at St. Luke‘s hospital to Ed and Joan Smith. The cost of his birth at this time was $138.00!  Mark grew up at the family home located on Idaho Street near 21st.  He attended Madison Elementary, North Jr. High, and Boise High School. Growing up in the northend of Boise Mark had many stories of adventures back in the day.

Mark met the love of his life Stephanie (Pullman) at Central Assembly Church.  They married in 1984 at the First Baptist Church in Boise.  They had four children, Zachariah, Sarah, Isaiah and Mariah (of Moscow).  He loved his family deeply and was always a good provider. He had eight beautiful grandchildren from ages 5 to 18- Maiah, Marseilles, MaKinah, Zada, Max, Eden, Mira, and Olive.

During high school he worked at the downtown YMCA with his best friend Mark McClure. Although Mark McClure eventually moved away from Boise, he and Mark had remained close friends throughout the years. While working at the YMCA he was the Idaho State Jr. Raquetball Champion.

Shortly after high school, Mark started a job at Albertson‘s Sundries. He worked for Albertson’s in the warehouse for 19 years until he experienced a serious back injury that lead to the inability to do this type of work. The back injury lead to surgery and the realization of a need to change careers. This was a very difficult time for Mark and his family but he did not give up.

Mark enrolled at Boise State University and began school after twenty plus years in the work force. For most this may have been difficult after many years away from school, for Mark it was not easy but he was far more intellegent than he gave himself credit for. He received an Associates degree and graduated with honors. He was the first in his family to go to college.

At the completion of school he was able and ready to rejoin the work force. These were very lean times for his family and he was anxious to be able to go back to work to provide for his wife and now four children. He quickly accepted a job at IDOC as a corrections officer. This position was not what he desired as a career but, being who he was, he stayed dedicated to the job. January of 2022, would have been his 23rd year at the IDOC. It takes a special kind of person to work a job in which you may never know what you will face  on any particular day and to be around individuals who‘s past may not be perfect and futures are uncertain. Mark was one who could listen and really hear what someone was saying, communicate with anyone on whatever level they may be on be it a tense, angry or heartbreaking situation. Although he would not comment much on his interaction with inmates, we are confident that he had an impact on many and maybe with his words helped them to see the worth in their lives. He had compassion for the inmates and wanted them to have hope and a vision for the future.  He always tried to get them to look forward and not behind.

Mark really was the type of voice we all need. He was politically aware and educated.  He knew history as well as current happenings of our times …before they even hit the headlines it seemed. He could look at the big picture and shooting from the hip would tell you what was happening or was going to happen in our society. All who knew Mark knew that he could be intense when telling you of something and maybe a little hard to follow at times because he could cover so much so quickly. You could see the passion and concern when he talked and excitement in his voice. Intimidating at times, yes, but harmless. If a person really engaged and listened to Mark you would realize he was a very smart man with a sharp mind. Most realized you often did not need an appointment to talk with Mark, but you may have to cancel all others.

This man will be sadly missed by all who knew him. He was preceded in death by his parents Ed and Joan Smith and brother-in-law Mark Queedens. He is survived by his wife of 37 years,  four children and eight grandchildren. Sister Sandy Queedens, niece Jessica (Bailey), great nephew Colton,and great niece Aila. His mother in law Phyllis ( with whom he had a very special relationship).

Mark has been giving to the Boise Rescue Mission since very early in his life.  Donations can be made there in memory of Mark.

Services will be held Saturday December 11, 2021 at 6pm. at Foothill Christian Church 9655 W. State St.Garden City, ID 83714


Services will be held Saturday December 11, 2021 at 6pm. at Foothill Christian Church 9655 W. State St.Garden City, ID 83714


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