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Joseph James Scolet January 27, 1951 - January 27, 2019

Joe (Joseph) James Scolet, born January 27, 1951 passed through to heaven January 27, 2019. He is with all we loved on earth and we will see him soon.  He was survived by wife Ingrid Kotter Scolet, son Bryan Scolet, daughter Mandie Scolet Stephen, and daughter Nicole Scolet.
He is also survived by son in law Mike Stephen, and grandchildren Trenton Stephen, Katyln Stephen, Joey Scolet, Ethan Cuevas, James Scolet, Cody Scolet.
He had a 1/2 brother James Scolet and 1/2 Sister Joelyn Scolet, not to mention how many kids called him Papa, Dad, Brother and Uncle Joe.
He was a pilot and loved flying, it was really his passion in life.  He flew for 10 years and we went all across the country. He took me places I never thought I would go.
He gave me everything I wanted, with a loving heart, and made all my dreams come true.
He was in the carpet cleaning business for a total of 28 years. We were inseparable daily as we worked together.
I miss him so much and I know I will he will be missed
Thanks Ingrid Scolet