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Harry M. Skinner April 11, 1936 - April 10, 2024

Harry Michael Skinner

Harry Michael Skinner was born on April 11, 1936 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Morgan and Evelyn Skinner. Harry was their second son, his big brother Morgan was older by 4 years.

As a young man, Harry was very active, participating in both baseball and basketball. His mom wanted him to play piano, and rumor is she used to have to stand over him with a fly swatter to get him to focus during practice. Piano didn’t take, and as he reached beyond his high school years he developed a passion for bicycling, skiing, hunting and fishing which all became lifelong passions.

After short stints at both the University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa studying Engineering, Harry entered the Army Core of Engineers in 1958. He was stationed in Tokyo from 1958-60, where he spent his free time developing a new passion for photography inspired by all of the beautiful architecture surrounding him.

Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the Army, Harry briefly moved to Colorado to work with his brother at Stanley Aviation and lived with his brother Morgan’s young family, including Harry’s niece (Becky) and two nephews (Tim & Phil). During this time he developed a very close bond with his Niece and Nephews, all three adored their “Uncle Harry”, a bond that continued for the remainder of his life.

Eventually Harry’s Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lena Mae suggested Harry apply at Mcdonnell Douglas Aerospace Manufacturing Corporation in Los Angeles. Harry was hired as an engineer, and loved to tell the story that during his time there he helped develop aspects of one of the ‘wings’ of the Mercury Space Project. His other claim to fame during this time period included engineering work for the famous “Hall of Presidents “at Disney World .

During this period, Harry met his wife of nearly 60 years Patricia Ann Targow at the Westwood Ski Club where they shared a passion for skiing at Mammoth Mountain and Big Bear. Through the Ski Club they made many lifelong friends, planning annual reunions up until recently.

Harry completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Marketing from San Fernando Valley State College in 1967 and thus began his career as an entrepreneur. His first endeavor was selling handmade Moccasins in Ventura, CA. During this time his only daughter, Leslie Erin was born. Harry and his family moved to Denver in 1975 to be closer to his Brother’s family. Harry and his wife stayed in Denver until 2022 when they moved to Boise, Idaho to be closer to their daughter and her family.

Over the years, Harry had many different careers due to his creative and entrepreneurial spirit, but the two he was most proud of was a chain of 4 bicycle stores he built from the ground up called Gear Bicycles and his invention of the Big Foot Grill which he received a patent for in 1989. He also worked in the oil industry during the boom in Colorado, as a headhunter, and eventually found a passion in sales as a manufacturing representative for retailers that sold to Walmart in his later years.

Despite his interesting career history, Harry was known more for being a passionate sportsman. If he wasn’t spending time with his family you would either find him hunting, fishing or riding a bike. When he was with his daughter, he was teaching her how to play basketball or football or how to ride a bike or skateboard. He was just as passionate about the Denver Broncos, enjoying season tickets with his brother and sharing that passion with his daughter Leslie who remains a die hard fan to this day. And boy everyone knew to watch out if the Broncos lost, you did not want to be around Harry until the next day! Later in life he also became a huge Colorado Avalanche fan.

Despite these hobbies, Harry was most passionate about his family and friends. Harry’s parents both died young, and he remained extremely close to his Brother and his family. You would find him almost every Sunday at his Brother’s house (with Leslie in tow) watching either the Bronco’s or another sport if they weren’t playing that day. Harry’s personality was larger than life. He never held back his opinions (to put it mildly) and you always knew what he was thinking. He was passionate about politics, a subject his wife and daughter quickly learned to avoid at family meals unless you wanted to agree with him.

Better known simply as “Skin” to his close friends, they would describe him as someone who would drop everything to help them out, no questions asked, and loved to give folks a hard time. He was fiercely loyal to those he loved. Later in life he developed a close knit group of friends that would meet weekly at Sam’s 3 restaurant in Denver, which he missed dearly when he moved to Boise.

Besides his wife, his greatest loves were his daughter, grandchildren and his nieces and nephews. He was so proud of them all, and would brag to anyone about them any chance he got.

A celebration of life will be held in both Idaho and Colorado sometime this summer.

Harry was preceded in death by his parents, Morgan & Evelyn and his brother Morgan. He is survived by his wife Patricia, his daughter Leslie (husband Mike), his grandchildren Maddi, Sienna and Talia, his Sister in Law Ritis, his Niece Becky (husband Alan), Nephews, Timothy (wife Merrily) and Philip (wife Cindy) , his Niece Risa Targow Higgins (husband Bartley) and several grand nieces and grand nephews, Rachel (husband Sean), Scott (wife Christina), Laura (husband Joseph), Sean (wife Rachel) , Kathryn (husband Cody) Steven, Nathaniel & Lucas and his cousin Judy (husband Walt).

Arrangements are under the direction of Bowman Funeral Parlor of Garden City.

A celebration of life will be held in both Idaho and Colorado sometime this summer.

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