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Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann White August 2, 1948 - June 1, 2021

Betsy lost her life after a battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis and died in the arms of her husband at her home in Boise, Idaho. She was preceded in death by her father Nathan Friedman, and Mother, Catherine Tipper. She leaves her husband Rich of 51 years, and son’s Danny and Chris. She also says goodbye to her two beloved grandson’s Kai and Sodhi White. Lastly, her two sisters — Carol Jahn from Wilbraham, Massachusetts and Terry Pippen from St. Petersburg, Florida – remain here without her.

Betsy was born in Phoenix AZ, lived in the cities of Southwick and Springfield, Massachusetts, Acworth, GA, and here in Boise, Idaho. She was married to her husband on 09/02/1969. Her sons were born in 1970 and 1973, and she poured everything she had into the raising of those boys so they could become the strong and sensitive men they are today.

She was a graduate of Springfield Technical High School, and later obtained an associate’s degree in Mental Health from Springfield Technical Community College. She cared for many people with disabilities and special needs over the years with grace and joy in her heart. She also worked with Emergency Services in Springfield, the Acworth Police Department in Georgia, and at the American Red Cross of Boise.

Betsy’s love of life — along with her Reen sense of humor — made making friends very easy. Her Pulmonary Fibrosis Facebook Group — along with Scrabble — made many a night a more extended process when it was time for bed. “Okay, just one more play!” $he would say, staying with her Words with Friends community.

Her love of animals — dogs in particular — was always first in her mind. The White family raised the boys on dogs, and while it was a family affair, the dogs would always follow Betsy wherever she went. People who would come to the house would always say, “You always have the sweetest dogs!” That was because of Betsy’s love and their knowing that at her house, they were family.

An old Irish saying states, “Don’t be sad for what you’ve lost; Smile for what you had.” And smile people did. Betsy created more smiles than can ever be counted. And even to the end she could be heard laughing hysterically while on the phone with friends and family, or calling Rich to her computer; “Dolly, you’ve gotta come see this!” She just loved to laugh, and make others laugh. She brought pure joy to our house.

Betsy would often say-“lf you can’t do it with Love; Don’t do it at all.” And whatever Betsy was doing, you could be sure that she did it with Love.

As Betsy transitions to the next phase, she will be met by family, and many smiling friends. And you can be sure that there will also be a lot of Tails-a-waggin’!

Any donations you would wish to make should be sent to the Humane Society of Boise, Idaho in Betsy’s name as this was her wish.

Rest in peace Betsy. We will see you real soon.


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    bb says

    I miss you dear friend. My heart aches for your loving family. Be at peace.

  2. REPLY
    Jackie Beverage says

    To all of Betsy’s family and friends, you already know what a special lady she was on this earth! She was an earth angel to me. She came into my life in February of 2017 and coached me along the way with the loss of my mother and then the loss of our youngest son. We had some late night chats and I always laughed at those things she shared with us, her Facebook family! She was always supportive and uplifting and spoke the truth! I appreciated her backbone in standing up to those who supported DJT. She always called it like it is, a spade is a spade. She is so dearly missed in our circle of friends or as she taught me, my tribe! Thank you, thank you, thank you Miss Betsy White for just being you and making so many lives better by doing that! <3 <3 <3 Love you and miss you dearly, sweet lady! Send us a message, we know you are fine! Give my boy a hug (you always promised him one earlier!)

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