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Ardis Beers September 2, 1933 - March 2, 2021

Ardis (Merkley) Beers passed away peacefully at home in Meridian, ID Tuesday March 2, 2021 at 12:15 pm of natural causes. Ardis was born September 2, 1933 in Maeser, UT, to Lloyd J and Eva Mae (McConkie) Merkley.

She was the third of five children. She is preceded in death by her father Lloyd, her mother Eva, her 1st born sister Mary Helen (Merkley) Heimbigner, her 2nd born sister Arlene who died as an infant, her youngest Brother Ray Leo Merkley. She is survived by her younger brother Harold Lloyd Merkley, her husband Raymond James Beers, her sons Gregory James Beers, Matthew Raymond Beers and 6 grandchildren.

Ardis was a devoted mother/grandmother, an elementary/middle school teacher who taught for 2 years at American International schools in Tehran, Iran, and for 7 years in Saudi Arabia. She loved to travel, garden and sew.

We mourn her passing and miss her very much, but are grateful she is now free of the pain and suffering she has endured for many years. We are confident she is having a glorious reunion with family and friends who passed on before. We look forward to being with her again when we too pass on from this life.

There will be a viewing at 11am, Friday March 12 at Bowman Funeral Parlor.  Interment to follow at 1pm at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.

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  1. REPLY
    Susan McCallister says

    My dear Aunt Ardis. I feel compelled to write this directly to you, because you’re never gone; not as long as those who remember you, live on.
    My favorite memory of you was in Cascais, Portugal during the times you would visit with us. Tracy & I would lower a shoebox via string tied to the ends, from the upper balcony to the balcony below, where you sat in a chair reading, sunning, and snacking on a large bowl of fresh cherries. The shoebox was our airplane that carried two passengers, both named Barbie. Without a word, we’d silently lower the plane, tapping it lightly against the cherry bowl, then leave the airplane to hover. I’m sure you heard us giggling. After making us wait for an interminable 2-3 seconds, you’d transfer a huge amount of cherries into our plane. The plane would then slowly ascend toward the hungry mouths that awaited. A truly sweet memory in more ways than one.
    I will never miss your uniquely warm laughter nor your ready smile. I don’t have to. They are both so clear in my mind, I feel I could reach out and touch them.
    As always, safe travels Aunt Ardis. Enjoy your Heavenly fruits.

    • REPLY
      Gregory J Beers says

      Thanks for the awesome memory Susan, I had not heard that story about Portugal, but I can totally see Mom having fun with you and Tracy in this way.

    • REPLY
      Raymond J Beers says

      Thank you Susan. I too had never heard that story. I miss your occasional phone calls – it’s been awhile since you called. It would be great to hear how you are doing. Love, Your Uncle Raymond

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    Gregory J. Beers says

    I want to celebrate my Mom’s life, by sharing with you just some of the adventures she thrived on. First, consider that she as a teenager, was in San Francisco at the end of the 1950’s working as a model, and for an ice cream company who wanted to promote her, only to find out was not actually 18 yet. Later while obtaining a teaching degree from Central Washington University, very rare for a woman in that day and age, she climbed mountains and loved to ride in a convertible with her hair flying in the wind! She traveled to Portugal as my cousin Susan remembers, that was just the start of her international adventures. After giving birth to Matt and I, she and Raymond moved the family around just a little bit. We seemed to be always on the move, Riverside, Long Beach, Thousand Oaks, Santa Rosa Valley, Tehran, Iran. While in Iran, Mom taught school TAS, that to this day, is part of a military base on the North Eastern side of Tehran. Over the years we lived in Iran, our travels took us to Israel for Christmas, and most of Western Europe on vacations. She always said if the Shah had not been betrayed, we would have lived in Iran for 10 years or more. She experienced the rise of the Islamic Revolution, and a country fall in civil war. Back in the States, we eventually made our way back down to the Orange Grove in the Santa Rosa Valley, custom building her dream house. She loved the orange grove, avocados, her huge garden, flowers, apples, peaches, nut trees and of course who can forget the flock of chickens, raft of ducks, gaggle of geese, covey of quail and our cats and dogs that roamed the grove with Mom. In 1986 my folks had not had enough of the Middle East yet, so they adventured off to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where Mom as usual, did not do the mundane! Along with teaching at a Riyadh American School, Mom was a private English tutor for Prince Sultan’s children. As you might imagine, that was anything but normal, and she was a highly respected teacher world wide. When Sultan’s kids asked what they wanted for the new year, they exclaimed “Mrs. Beers to come to Disneyland with us!” Clearly the loved her very much. In 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, and Mom had to come back to the USA again, where she and Raymond bought a vertitible albatross of a home, on 7.5 acres, with fruit trees, football field sized lawns, it’s own 9 hole chip/putt golf course and swimming pool. She immediately turned the horse corrals into a garden spot, brilliance as it was pre-loaded with fertilizer for decades. More nut, fruit and exotic trees later, a few hundred rose bushes and untold amounts of iris beds decorated every nook and empty spot around the property. Mom loved her Moses Lake home nearly as much as the orange grove, but to stay close to grandkids, they moved to Meridian and her final adventure. I know I have missed a trip or two, somewhere in Mom’s life she went to Soviet Union Russia, back when it was still the Cold War, she’s seen the Acropolis, Taj Mahal, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and short of the Pyramids of Giza, just about all the 7 wonders of the world. She would tell you her greatest joy was family and her grandkids. I could not have asked for a better mother. I know she’s off on the next great adventure with a smile on her lips, and a twinkle in her eye. Love you Mom.

    • REPLY
      Raymond J Beers says

      Thank you son for taking the time to share your memories. Your mother was indeed an awesome person who loved life, family, grandchildren and adventure. Love you Son, Dad

    • REPLY
      Jane bell says

      Oh wonderful memories of a friend, ardis !we had such fun on our overseas assignments!! We both taught so we’re the last to evacuate together! Our first time we left Iran going out thru India. I lost out tickets on the road going from building to building at the airport! No hotel vacant so I found a house for us to stay. It was a wonderful experience for all of us! On to Singapore and Hong Kong with Ardis not feeling well in hongkong.
      The second time was leaving Saudi! We had our laughs again! We had fighter jets leading us out is Saudi!!!
      No one was like Ardis! Always friendly and she was devoted to her family. Hugs to family and so glad to have a friend like her! Love to all, Jane and Ted Bell

  3. REPLY
    Raymond J Beers says

    Thank you Susan. I too had never heard that story. I miss your occasional phone calls – it’s been awhile since you called. It would be great to hear how you are doing. Love, Your Uncle Raymond

  4. REPLY
    Raymond J Beers says

    Thank you Jane for your remarks and love. Ardis and our sons had a great time with you and your son when evacuated from Tehran, Iran in late 1978, and again with you on the evacuation from Saudi Arabia in Aug 1989.

    • REPLY
      Carol Allen says

      My name is Carol Allen. I am unsure if you remember me
      We lived next door to you when you lived in Long Beach..Greg and Matt played often with my daughter, Christina.

      Ardis and I were wild about gardening. I still remember the beautiful rhododendron she fertilized. When I came over the next morning, it was black . She decided a cup was probably too much fertilizer. I loved her cooking. I remember so many delicious meals along with the homemade desserts. Especially, peanut butter brownies. It is still Christina”s favorite

      I was thinking about Ardis this morning and decided to look her up on Google. I am saddened to hear of her passing but do remember the pain she felt years ago. Finally, this is now gone.

      I thought the world of your mother and wife. She was such a good friend to me. Always so kind and gentle with never saying a bad word about anybody. I often modeled my parenting after her as she always seemed to stay calm and logical. I do regret that we lost touch through the years.

      I am pleased to hear there are 6 grandchildren in your family. I am sure they will remember her fondly.

      Christina is now married and has a 16 year old son.
      Angela, my other daughter has a 2 year old daughter. Mine to spoil.!!

      I just had to reach out. Ardis was a very special human being.. Only the very best to all of you.


      • REPLY
        Raymond J Beers says

        I was just reading the condolences to my niece Eileen Beers back in PA, and discovered your kind words and memories of when we were neighbors on El Cedral in Long Beach CA. It is sad we lost contact over the years. We moved here to Meridian, ID in 2006 to be close to our sons and grand-children. It would be great to hear from you and to know how you are doing.
        I tried looking you up but was amazed at the number of Carol Allen’s there are in this world.

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