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Alice Marie Fiore-Cramer September 11, 1942 - November 15, 2021

Alice Marie Fiore-Cramer

Alice Marie Fiore-Cramer passed away peacefully of natural causes on November 15th.

She was a devout Catholic Mother of four who was proceeded in death by her one and only love and husband J. Wayne Cramer, Corporal of the United States Marine Corps.

She will be interred with him in the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.

She leaves behind Children Angelina Jackson, husband Scott Jackson, Jerry Cramer, wife Kim Behrman-Cramer, Alicia Marie Dante, husband, Chris Dante, and Frances Fiore Petersen, husband, Bob Petersen. Grandchildren, Jason and Kate Jackson, and Samuel and Benjamin Hudgens.

We will miss you and honor you always. Funeral Ceremony will be held at Saint Mark’s Catholic Church @ 7960 W Northview, Boise, ID. Monday, November 29th @ 11:00 a.m. with a meal served after.

Arrangements are under the direction of Bowman Funeral Parlor of Garden City.

Funeral Ceremony will be held at Saint Mark’s Catholic Church @ 7960 W Northview, Boise, ID. Thursday November 29th @ 11:00 a.m. with a meal served after.


  1. REPLY
    Carol Petersen says

    Rest In Peace, Alice..
    love and joy await you in heaven.

  2. REPLY
    Alicia Dante says

    I miss you so much Mom. Not doing so well. Can’t sleep, but I made you a promise and I will fulfill all your wishes as bestowed upon me. I will see you again. I know by now you have found Daddy as was your greatest wish. I have asked the Lord over and over to hold you tightly to him and know that you are flying amongst the angels now…pain free. Love Forever.

  3. REPLY
    Joshua says

    Being around you when I was younger taught me some things that helped me later on in my life, more than you probably knew. I was exposed to a hard working, classy, and tough woman. I set my goals higher because of what I learned from you. I didn’t let my past define my future because I watched you get things done. I know you probably didn’t know I picked up on that, but I did. You were tough as all get out, in a pair of high heels. I know you wanted to do more for be, but couldn’t. I want you to know I understand, and that I love you. My condolences to my cousins, and big hugs. Rest in peace Aunt Alice.

  4. REPLY
    Patricia Dante says

    Alice you were such a good friend to me. I love Alicia and couldn’t be more proud of my Son’s wife. I will miss you and our talks about the old days. You taught me a lot and made me realize that my childhood wasn’t the worst. Yours was. Please rest now. Pain free. Love Pat Dante.

  5. REPLY
    Roni and Jim Rankin says

    We regret we were unable to attend Alice’s service and want to express our respect for Alice and our condolences to Alice’s family and friends. We were part-time neighbors of Alice in Boise and felt lucky to know she would keep an eye on things, especially when we had renters who didn’t maintain the yard to her standards. She shared some funny stories with me about the height of the weeds, the toilet in the driveway, and the pets that suddenly arrived on the premises (in violation of the lease, of course). Alice had a sharp wit and a good heart, and the description of Alice as hard-working, tough, and classy is perfect. I am happy I got to hear some of Alice’s stories and appreciate her as a person. Her husband, Wayne, poured the concrete on the back and sides of our house for the original owners and Alice was justifiably proud of his excellent work. Alice was so kind to my daughter and her partner in the several years they rented our house. I was sorry to see her health declining and her pain increasing over the past year when we spent more time living in Boise next door to her. She talked to me about making ravioli and I wish I’d had time to do that with her. We will miss knowing Alice is in the house next door when we come to Boise and we are sorry for how much you are grieving her absence in your lives and in your families. I am glad Alice is at peace and free from pain and that she was able to pass away in her home and on her own terms. I hope your memories of her bring you comfort.

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